Friday, September 16, 2011

Bhutan Stamp issued in 2011

First Bhutan Visit of PM Nehru in 1958, A 4 v SS of Face Value 40 Nu

First Bhutan Visit of PM Nehru in 1958,A single Value MS of 25 Nu

Diplomatic Relation with Japan A 4 V SS of face Value 80 Nu

Year of the Rabbit First issue of 2011 , A single value MS of face value 25 Nu

The Queens of Bhutan
Face value 120 Nu . It is the first stamp issued by Bhutan post with images of Queens of Bhutan .Earlier no stamp was issued by Bhutan post with image of any Queens. The official date of issue was 17th December 2010 but the item was made available for collectors in 2011.

The wangchuk Dynasty a 6 v SS of face value 90 Nu was also officially issued on 17th Dec 2010 ,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

25 Years of SAARC

Bhutan post issued a sheet let of 8 stamps and 1 FDC on 8th December 2010 on 25 Years of SAARC.

Sheet let of Face value - 120 Nu

FDC of " 25 years of SAARC" Face value - 140 NU