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TEXTILES Date of Issue :-28.09.2009 One Souvenir Sheet of 4V Face Value 80 NU and 4 Stamp of 10 NU each were released


Textiles of Bhutan is renowned in whole world for its unique colour, design and composition .The weavers of Bhutan are renowned for their skill of using various fibers like wild Silk, nettle, wool and yak hair which are available in Bhutan and cotton , domesticated silk , metallic yarns and machine- spun cotton from the neighboring countries .

The weaving which is one of the 13 traditional crafts is dominated by woman. It also involves highest number of people and the volume of production in this craft is also higher then others.

In the textile issue sheet let of 4 v stamps we find image of 4 varieties of textiles produced by the weavers of Bhutan.


Kushuthara is a silk on silk weaving technique with intricate hand laced patterns. It is the most expensive textile in Bhutan and highly sought after by collectors.

Lungerma is made of raw silk after colouring by traditional

Vegetable colour. Mostly green and red. It is hand woven on back strap loom by the rural weavers. Lungerma is used to make dresses for special occasions and ceremonies. Among men’s dresses, lungerma is the most expensive.

YATHRA is a hand-woven fabric made from wool of yak and sheep and mainly used for making items l like Bags, Scarf’s, Sofa cover, Car seat Cover etc.

MENTSE MATHRA is mostly made of silk and synthetically dyed, with complex design.

RED PANDA , Date Of Issue :-9.10.2009 A sheet let of 8 Stamps Face Value 180 NU , A set of 4 FDC of Face value 150 NU and 4 Maxi card of Face Value 150 NU was issued

The Red Panda ( Ailurus fulgens) can be found in Himalayas in Southern China, .India, laos , Nepal , India and Bhutan .

The subspecies of Red Panda which can be seen in Bhutan is Ailurus fulgens fulgens .

The meaning of the Latin word Ailurus Fulgen means “Fire- coloured cat”

In Bhutan Red Panda is found mainly in temperate forests in Himalayas especially in the foot hills.

The main food of Red Panda is bamboo. They can take fruits, mushroom, berries, and grasses. Sometime they also eat birds, fish, eggs, and insects.

Red panda is most active at dawn and dusk and at night In day time they sleep on tree branches or in tree hollows.. They can not tolerate high weather temperature above 25 C. The major threat to the Red Pandas is loss of habitat due to deforestation.

Red Pandas are often killed for their coats to make fur hats and fancy clothes

Bhutan Government has implemented different projects for the protection of its wild life and for that reason maintains a large area of forest. There are nine protected reserve forest such as Jigme Dorji National Park, Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, Royal Manas National Park, Thrumshingla National Park, Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary and Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary For the protection of wild animals Including Red Panda .

The Red Panda Sheet let, Maxi cards and FDC are issued by Bhutan post to raise public awareness about the endangered species and necessity of its protection and richness of the wild life of Bhutan .This species which was going to be extinct from this Himalayan Range are now protected in side the territory of Bhutan in reserve forests.

CD Stamp Set Of 2009 , Date of Issue 21.02.2009 A set of 2 CD stamp of face value 225 Each and $450 Nu for the set of 2 was released .

In the world of Philately, the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Eastern Himalayas is well known for its innovative and exquisite postage stamps.

On 21st February 2009 coinciding with the 29th Birthday of His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the 5th Druk Gyalpo of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Bhutan Post issued its second issue in a series of world's first CD-ROM postage stamps. These stamps are mini-CDs that fit into exquisitely decorated, self-adhesive envelopes. When affixed to a larger envelope, the CD-ROM stamp can be used as postage. When inserted into a computer, the CD-ROM plays an 8-minute video about Bhutan

"Bhutan: Voting for Happiness" illustrates the country's peaceful transition from heredity monarchy to constitutional democracy. "Bhutan: Coronation 2008" documents the coronation of Bhutan's new king, His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. The colorful stamps illustrate Bhutan's recent history for all time

Three inches in diameter, the CD is placed neatly in a wafer-thin square plastic case wrapped in decorated paper. The rear of the paper cover is sticky, and it helps paste the CD stamp on an envelope.

OX year 2009 , Date of issue 25.02.2009 . One Single Value MS of 30 NU and One stamp of 20 Nu was released.

The date of Lunar New Year is based on the lunar calendar and falls sometime in January or February each year. The Year of the Ox began on 26th January 2009,

Years in the lunar calendar are named after 12 different animals namely rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each animal is associated with a particular element like water, wood, fire or metal. It is presumed that a person born in Ox year are stable, strong, dutiful, reliable, tenacious, practical, industrious, determined, honest, loyal, sincere and tolerant. They can sometimes be lonely but they form firm bonds with home and family. The OX people cherish their private lives and are not usually very adventurous. They can be loners. They know the way to succeed is by a slow, steady, sustained effort. OX people are great traditionalists, they like the familiar. It is also believed that The OX year is a conservative year, one of traditions and values. This is not a year to be outrageous. It is also believed that OX year will bring stability and growth where patience and diligence pays off. It is a year of Harvest. Good crop and good result in business is expected if proper care is taken.

Lunar New Year is observed in countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, South Korea, North Korea,Indonesia.

Lunar New Year day is a public holiday in Bhutan

Punakha Bridge , Date of issue 20.03.2009 A sheet let of 2 Stamps of Face Value 50 Nu and a stamp of 20 Nu was released

PUNAKHA BRIDGE :- MS of 2 Stamp of value 50 NU and a stamp of Value 20 Nu was released in the year 2009 to mark the opening of newly reconstructed Punakha bridge .

A covered wooden cantilever bridge crossing the Mo Chhu river was built together with the PUNAKHA Dzong in the 17th century. This bridge was washed away by a flash flood in 1957 or 1958. In 2006 work started on a new covered wooden cantilever bridge of traditional construction with a free span of 55 meters which was completed in 2008.The bridge was opened for the use of public and cattle only on 10th may 2008

Estimated cost of the construction of the bridge was nearly 850,000 Euro which mostly came from private donation earmarked for the bridge and entrusted to “Pro Bhutan” by private donors. .An amount of 50,000 Euro was contributed in the project by the German Foreign Office, Berlin

35 years of World Food program. Date of issue :- 27.06.2009 A sheet let of 9 Stamps of Face Value 120 Nu , One MS ofFace Value 25 Nu and One FDC of 45 Nu was released

Solar Eclipse . Date of issue :- 22.07.2009 A sheet let of 2 Stamps of Face value 50 Nu and one FDC of 70 Nu was released

July 22 , 2009 was a memorable and historic date for all people of BHUTAN as they could enjoy the spectacular and longest solar eclipse which comes after every 370 years.

It was around 7.00 AM in the morning there was complete darkness in the Thimphu City the capital of Bhutan when the Moon completely covered the Sun and lasted for one minute.

It was earlier announced by different agencies including NASA that this spectacular solar eclipse will be visible from Bhutan and many people form different parts of world came to Bhutan to witness one of the biggest events in terrestrial astronomy, the longest solar eclipse.

Bhutan post released one sheet let of two stamp and one FDC on 22nd July 2009 the very date of solar eclipse to mark the year of astronomy